Recycle Paper

Drop off your paper recycling at the green and yellow Paper Retriever recycling bin located off the driveway near the purple playground (off Little Elm). Look for announcements about special paper drives when the school can earn additional dollars for its paper recycling. For more information, click here.
OK to Place in Bin Do Not Place in Bin
newspapers/inserts cardboard
catalogs pizza/food boxes, fiberboard, or chipboard
magazines textbooks or hard cover books
mail phonebooks
office/school papers plastic, glass, metal, or trash
Recycle Ink Cartridges
Unsure what to do with your used cell phones, laser & inkjet cartridges, laptops, MP3s, PDAs and tablets, eReaders and notebooks?

Donate them to us!

We’re expanding the Naumann recycling programs and partnering with Cartridges for Kids (CFK) to recycle used electronics and raise money for our school. You simply donate your used printer cartridges and electronics to our Collection Center in the front entry of the school. Naumann receives dollars for the recycling products submitted.


In addition to ink and laser printer cartridges, you can donate old cell phones, MP3s, and PDAs. You can also donate larger electronics like e-readers, tablets, and notebooks by giving them to the front office.
Thank you for your support!