School events are a great way to get information, have fun and cheer for your children. Over the school year there are many events that occur at the start of, during, and after the school day to accommodate our many different schedules.

Visitors to the campus must check in and receive a visitor's badge at the front office.

Campus events
 • Families new to Naumann can get an introduction to the school at the New Family Orientation. During the school year, Naumann families can explore fun and innovative learning techniques at the SMART Fair.

• Grandparents Day is a chance for grandparents (and grandparent figures) to share lunch with their students. For Veterans’ Day, the school hosts a fourth grade performance and honors the veterans of our community. Join your child(ren) for lunch – during the Thanksgiving lunch and at school Cookouts.

• On the second Friday of September, the students hold a Shield Parade to proudly display the shields they have made showing things that are special to them. In the spring, many parents volunteer to help with Field Day and have the chance to watch their children enjoy the day.

Grade/Class events

• Each grade hosts an open house at the start of the school year and and orientation in the spring for the incoming class. Parent-student-teacher conferences are held during the year.

• Class parties are scheduled through the year, including a winter break party and a Valentine’s day party. Parents are also invited to help chaperone the field trips classes make each year.

• During the class rotation for music or theater arts, students participate in Show-offs where parents are invited to a special class presentation by the students. Other special class times may include special class presentations of class efforts, such as a Very Important Person Day for first graders.

Look for more information on these events on the school and PTA/volunteer websites and in campus emails closer to event dates. (Please also note requests for the volunteers that make many of these events possible and consider giving whatever time you can!)