You’re wondering how you can get more involved at Naumann and help your child(ren) have the best school experience possible. Getting involved is one of the best things you can do. When the family is involved in a child’s school life and the family and school work together in partnership, everyone benefits!

Children get a strong message that what they are doing is important and worthwhile. Family involvement helps improve attendance and behavior at school, and minimize risky behavior. Students’ grades and test scores improve, their attitude toward school and learning is positive, and their confidence can soar.

Parents gain confidence, too; are better positioned to help their child(ren) grow in their learning abilities and also have a more positive relationship with teachers and the school.

Teachers can know their students better and be better equipped to help them. They are also able to help students achieve so much more, with family and community help.

Working together helps all involved develop strong lines of communication and a shared vision and understanding of needs. It makes change and improvement easier to manage and achieve.

With other commitments from jobs to caring for young children or elderly parents, it can be hard to make time. Luckily, there are many ways to get involved and to connect with the school and with other families. Some take almost no time and can be completely at your convenience. Others allow you to develop a deeper connection over time and to be a part of your child’s school day. With so many way to get involved – through participating in events, sharing ideas, volunteering, and contributing resources – there is something for everyone! Click on the sidebar links (left) or contact me for information on How to Get Involved at Naumann.

Naumann Volunteer Coordinator
Sue Williams